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I bought a 2005 Jeep from this place 10 days ago. I first saw the Jeep on the the Car Trader online.

When I called about the Jeep I asked the sales person if the there were any problems with the Jeep and he said, " no sir! I've driven the Jeep myself and its a great Jeep.... We send our vehicles through the shop and if any things wrong with it they will fix it before it hits the lot..... Like breaks, if the breaks are less than 70%, we will replace them"!

I then asked the sales person if it leaked any oil and again he said, "no sir it does not"! Since I live and hour from the car lot, I offered them 11k for the Jeep if it was as he said it was. He said they will take it if I wanted it for that price. When I got to the car lot, it was dark and raining....

My mistake! Never buy a car in the dark or when it's raining! Anyway, I test drove the Jeep and I noticed when accelerating, the Jeep would pull to one side.... The rear track bar bushings were bad.

I asked the sales person if he knew the Jeep handled like that and of course he said, "no sir". And I also noticed some oils dripping from the back of the engine. Since the engine was leaking oil I offered them 10k and said they would take $10,300.00... So I bought it....

While signing the papers, Jason, the manager, said if anything happens to the Jeep within a short while he would refund my money. Within a week, I had to replace the breaks, break rotors, a break caliber, and replace the left rear seal. I now have over $500 in parts not counting labor in the Jeep! I called Jason and he said he will not help me out with the issues I've endured!

Jason is a typical used car salesman! Not a man of his word!


Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Lincolnton, North Carolina, United States #959682

I got a 1999 jeep from this piece of *** dealership a few weeks ago it broke down the next day because the radiator needed to be replaced. Now a week later the *** battery is dead.

And I remember when I was getting the jeep a man came in mad cuz his battery was dead and he had just got the car as well.

Do not buy from this dealership. They are full of ***.

Darin Grooms Auto Sales - Darin Groom's of Denver, NC --Buyer Beware

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Bought 2002 Mercedes with 37000 miles August 2011. Took car to Hendrick Mercedes with vibration in rear end.

Got the car back Aug 25 after the following was done: catalytic convertor, crank seal, steering shock, cylinder in auto convertible top, front brake rotors and pads, Valve cover cover gaskets, and 4 new tires. $1500 warranty program I was sold did not pay for ANYTHING! Total price: $5757.95!!!

Either Darin Groom's mechanic is incompetent or they knew this car needed numerous problems repaired and sold it anyway. DO NOT BUY FROM DARIN GROOM'S WITHOUT LETTING A MANUFACTURER'S MECHANIC GIVE IT A TOTAL GOING OVER!!!!!!

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Darin Grooms Auto Sales Lemons

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When i bought a vehicle from Darin Drooms Auto they told me it was in great condition come to find out it needed a whole new brakes system and sensors. I only had it a week and put over 1000 into it because they wanted to charge me to service it too.

They do not take responsibility for the lemon they sold me and still say it was fine.

They said it never gave them the problems it was giving me. The machanic i took it too said the person who serviced it would and should have seen all these problems.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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